Thursday, February 18, 2010


we celebrated carnaval last weekend. now it's time to enter those 40 days of reflection, meditation and spiritual investigation.

you know, no meat, no chocolate. the little sacrifices we make not even really understanding why. just to give it up. because that's what we do.

i've been a few years now avoiding the giving up of the lenten season and instead trying to use lent to enhance my relationship with jesus. because i know that no sacrifice i make can trump his sacrifce - or even come close to it.

and frankly. giving up chocolate is ridiculous. because there are all kinds of loopholes in the church. like. i don't know. not having to observe the sacrifice on sundays, because that's a holiday. a feast day. and god doesn't want you to be chocolate-less on the sabbath. right?

there was no break on good friday. oh, the suns too hot, let's take him down and we'll start again later.

i do respect people who give something up and really do it because it enhances their relationship - and not just because they're supposed to. but really i would do it because i'm supposed to. and that's not cool.

so, we're working on some lenten devotions. learning more about love. how to love. what is love. what are the kinds of love. how can we express love. love your neighbor. love like children. love.

to have the time to be more intentional about god, about his son and about our relation to him.


happy lent.

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