Thursday, February 11, 2010

i'm a little piece of tin. - part two

it's already been a rough 2010.

remember that accident i had the other day? literally just like two weeks ago? you know, the one i had to pay $20,000 pesos for to fix the Rav-4? well. that was nothing.

on sunday, amalio and my brother-in-law, Isaias were driving with three cousins to a funeral in their hometown. their hometown three hours away. and while they were driving to this funeral, something happened to the car. nobody is really sure. of course there are the ideas of what maybe happened, but it's all conjecture.

what we do know is that the steering column went dead and amalio lost control. from there, people on the street saw the car go. maybe he'd get it in control. maybe he'd be able to steer it back. but he couldn't the control was gone. and the steering wheel just kept turning. then the front wheel came off (which leads people to believe the axle snapped) and the car hit a coconut tree, flipped over and was stopped by another coconut tree.

in the process, luckily, some windows were broken and the boys were able to climb out. luckily, because the doors wouldn't open.

nobody will show me pictures of the car. i saw one on a cell phone, but i don't want to see anymore. and i don't know, from the little itty bitty grainy photo i saw how anyone walked out of that accident alive, let alone virtually unscathed.

the air bags beat the mess out of amalio and isaias. and isaias is still having problems with his elbow, but both boys went back to work this morning. thank god that they are all right, that eventhough the car was wrecked all five passengers are safe and alive!


Indy said...

How awful! Hope everyone recovers well.

Erin said...

Wow! How is that even possible?! I'm glad they're both okay! How scary!

Jennifer said...

My goodness, I'm glad everyone's okay.