Thursday, February 4, 2010

super allergy?

last week amely had what we thought were mosquito bites all over her legs.

let me tell you. the mosquitoes here right now are fierce. big doesn't describe them and every time you smoosh one in the shower your hand gets covered in the blood it already sucked from you unknowing.


so, she had these marks that looked like mosquito bites. didn't itch, didn't bother her. and then they went away.

a few days later she got some on her forehead. maybe mosquitoes. maybe an ant got on her. who knew?

but now. now, she is covered in these little bumps. They no longer look like mosquito bites.

so i took her to the doctor on monday. the idiot doctor tells me it's chicken pox. i thought, in the beginning, it might be chicken pox, but as it progressed, it's become clear that it's absolutely NOT chicken pox.

take her back to the doctors yesterday. three idiot doctors, three idiot opinions. one says scabies. but scabies itches like a mo-fo and is highly contagious (think lice only way harder to get rid of), another says food allergy (which should go away with benadryl, or at least lessen with it and it hasn't) and the other says no way to any of the three previous opinions but has no opinion herself.

i finally, FINALLY got in touch with our regular pediatrician (who doesn't live in our city and is only here on the weekends because she's studying something crazy in the capitol until may) and she gave me some advice. i've got to now wash every thing that's been used in the past three days. put all the stuffed animals in a black bag. take the crib mattress to the roof (in the sun) and wash with some special soap. if it hasn't gotten better by saturday, take her in.

i get so frustrated with the poor medical care here. don't get me wrong, there are good doctors here. but you've got to find them. because ANYONE can go to medical school if they have the money for it. and you never know who is really an intelligent, thinking person and who is stupid#3 from down the street with a few thousand dollars in their pocket.

so, today we're washing and cleaning and hiking to the pharmacy for the soap. not what i had planned, but i'll go with it. i'd rather try this than go doctor to doctor and not getting an answer.

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