Sunday, February 21, 2010

a visit.

i sat down at the computer, sweaty as a pig after doing my (borrowed) biggest loser cardio max dvd, ready to waste some time while my body cools down. because dominicans believe if your body is hot, you can't take a cold shower. and believe me, i am never in the mood for lectures about ridiculous things.

so i waste time. waiting to dejar mi cuerpo enfriar.

the excess of visitors lately has me tired. nunca. pero never is there anything in the house to brindar and i'm not really a great cheese and crackers hostess anyway. but, as people find out more and more about that accident. that one. the bad one. they want to come visit.

it's like rubbernecking eleven days after they tow away the wreckage.

so, i'm at the computer, wasting time on facebook and reading strangers' blogs when the doorbell rings. me all sweaty and smelly. kids napping. brother-in-law doing laundry. ?y quien sera?

oh. it's people from church. you know, the church we stopped going to like three months ago. not oficially, but you know. we haven't been there in ages.

what gets me is that we've been gone since at least november. and now, now they come knocking on the door. ding dong. like nothing.

i'm not one of those people who thinks a pastor should call me if i sneeze. but three months. en serio? not only has it been three months since they've seen me, it's been eleven days since the accident they were coming to check on. and, i promise you folks, the gossip line in santiago is fast. there was food in my house from friends before i even knew there was an accident.

as soon as i saw them i knew what was up. que lo que? what's up? are you guys visiting another church? oops. because we just realized you haven't been here. just realized it's been three months since we last saw you. oh! and we heard about the accident and it's bad dominican form to not visit the injured.

no. we're not visiting another church. we're attending one. but not visiting it. thanks. don't worry we're not going to hell. estamos salvos todavia. well, we'll leave you alone then. hope you figure your car thing out.

gloria a dios amen


Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines.........................................

Jennifer said...

It has almost been 11 years, but once upon a time I visited the DR. Random yes... =) Church... that's what I wanted to comment on. We attended a church once and the very next Saturday they showed up with banana bread. I thought it was a nice touch (a little sarcasm) in reminding us about then before the next service. They called us 2-3 times over the next couple months to "see if we had any questions". We didn't. =D I didn't answer the phone. Thank God for caller ID. LOL... We are still looking for a home church.