Saturday, February 13, 2010


we're not big celebrators of carnaval.

as in - i've been here five years and have been once. in five years.
a little shameful if you ask me. it IS the biggest celebration of the year. i mean, the thing lasts a month. A MONTH!

see. carnaval was supposed to be the party before lent. you know, those 40 days of fasting the "devout" latin catholics take part in. but only take part in after the biggest party ever. but it's transformed into the independence party.

it's actually really interesting - different groups, different personajes. from the lechones to the roba las gallinas every thing is new, fresh. different.

i took samil and amely today to "family" carnival. a place where there is no fear of getting smacked on the nalgas with an inflated pigs bladder (i've heard rumors of butt sores lasting weeks!) no fear of losing the kids in the crowd or getting run over by competing comparsas.

samil was grumpy and amely just wanted the cotton candy. at least she was happy.

at the very end, there were some "little" lechones that samil wanted to touch. and was happy about them. he thought they were cool.

i didn't take any of these pictures, i snagged them from the centro de la cultura page but they don't have a photog credit. and by the way, my blogger is being ridiculous and i can't change the format of any of my posts without going into the html and, frankly, i'm too lazy to do that :)

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