Saturday, February 20, 2010

nothing really of interest.

santiago, apparently, is replacing some old water mains this weekend. which would be fine and dandy if it didn't mean they had to turn off the water in

and, because we live in the cloistered community of what is a latin american apartment complex where nobody talks to anybody else, it was only by casuality that i knew there would be no water.

except i forgot to tell amalio. and he used every last drop of water in the bucket i filled up for his shower. and good old hugo spent the night, so between his shower and isaias' shower, they used up that whole bucket.

let me tell you. a day with kids who like to play in, and eat, dirt and no water is a little stressful.

right now my mom is saying "you never have water, what's the difference?" the difference is, that yes, we usually do have water. little. infrequent. but water nonetheless. today there was not even one drop.

and at 9:00 last night, they turned on the water pump, and like the idiots they have proven themselves to be ohsomany times, empted the cistern by running the pump for two hours! instead of using only half of the water and so, this morning the city graciously turned the water back on long enough for us to shower and fill up buckets and hopefully refill that cistern.

it's going to be a long one. at least it's not hot out!

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