Sunday, February 7, 2010

Play Time.

one of my goal's this new year was (is?) to be more intentional with samil's learning. mainly, spending more time developing some skills he needs, giving him more opportunities to be creative, things like that.

neither of our pictures came out good. my camera is broken and with the storm of mess that has been hitting us (broken cars, needing to move), fixing the camera is on the bottom of the list of things to do.

samil's working on his sounds and speech with and pbs kids and doing some speech activities with me. i'm still not really too concerned with his speech development, but i figure it's better to be proactive than to let the problem get out of control.

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Indy said...

I recently found your blog through a google search (it contained the words "dominican" and "expatriate", but it also had "germany", so go figure). I have to tell you that I enjoy it. I'm a dominican living in NY and I like to read about your days on the island. Although I still have plenty of relatives living there (Bonao and "La Capital"), I don't get to read about the minutia of their day-to-day lives (except a little bit in Facebook). Plus, it's interesting to hear it from an american expat's perspective. Keep it up!