Friday, February 26, 2010

the week that was.

it's been a long week. a really looong one. like demasiado long. i can't handle those weeks. especially because there is no break between this and the next.

it's not always nice and sunny here. and sometimes the weather is plain gross. throw nastiness in with two kids, a small-ish apartment and that's recipe for desastre.

it's been cloudy. not rainy. not a nice cloudy. a gloomy, cold(ish), yucky kind of cloudy. the kind where you can't your clothes on the line because you're just not sure. que llueva o no?

and when it wasn't cloudy and cold, it's been cloudy and unbearable humid and sticky. and, if you remember, i've got a baby who abhors the heat. lucky her, she was born in a tropical paradise.

we've been keeping busy. more to prevent hysteria than anything else. and i can't handle another episode of max and ruby. en serio, it's the worst kids programming e.v.e.r.

there were a few meltdowns. normal two year old crankiness and a baby who wouldn't sleep. i suspect indigestion. amalio suspects heat hating, and predicts a long, long, pero muy largo summer ahead of us. but tomorrow is saturday and the week is over.

and i can only hope and dream that next week will be less of us cooped up in this little casita and more playing outside. that it will be less tempers and more love. and above all, that the stupid max and ruby dvd will break, get lost of otherwise be disposed of.

in the meantime, it's time to prepare for independence day tomorrow. it'll be another long one.

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