Sunday, June 8, 2008

9 months.

Samil is now officially nine months old. i don't really know what he's supposed to be doing at 9 months, but whatever he does is pretty damn cute.
except eating dirt. i'm not a big fan of the dirt eating. but i suppose he could eat worse.

i got a hair cut this week. the first in a year (wow) and the i had to get some bangs. yep, that's right. bangs. i haven't had them since middle school. but i have a lot of new baby hairs coming in that look ridiculous, so the bangs are my way of trying to control it. so far, so good.

samil got this outfit from aunt lisa. he's worn it three times already. mainly because i think he's cute.
amalio says he looks like a rat.

we're already teaching samil the fine art of teaching. he loves markers. and pencils. and books. i think he might just be a genius.

this is samils "what the hell are you talking about mommy" face. it makes me laugh.

i hope you all had a good week. we've been super busy here, hence the lack of posting. no worries, though, things are good.
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