Friday, June 13, 2008

love at first bite.

i love boxes.

all kinds of boxes. i have a mini-collection that i fill with little things, loose change, junk. things that aren't worth really organizing, but need to be put away.

but what i really love are boxes that come in the mail. i don't care if they're for me or not, but going to the mailcenter to pick something up is exhilirating.

my friend nick sent some boxes down and today i needed to pick them up. twenty minutes before i needed to leave, i opened my email and received a message from the mailcenter. a box was opened and most of its contents lost in the USPS.

sad. but the only thing i could think was "i hope it wasn't the box with the reeses cups"

luckily, it wasn't.

you see, reeses are a commodity here. its the one type of chocolate that in 4 years i've never seen in this country.

so, this afternoon, we cracked open the reeses and dove in.


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