Saturday, June 21, 2008

who decided this was an emergency?

after spending two days in the bathroom, i caved and went to the emergency room.

food poisoning, parasite, amoeba - whatever - i was dehydrated. bad.

the cashier wouldn't even see me until they triaged... um, asked me what was wrong and even then the doctor wouldn't even look at me.

when this like 10 year old doctor asked me what was up, he told me i didn't have an emergency. um, excuse me?

to the doctor i went who then sent me back to the ER with a note to "Favor hidratar".

two bags of glucose solution and a nice long nap later, i was on my way home.
i finally recovered and am back in the land of the living. i think.

here's to hoping you all had a better week than i did!

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