Sunday, June 15, 2008

Samil l.o.v.e.s. to...

i'm amazed by the things samil is learning to do on his own...

he pulls himself up to stand and walks around holding on to things. recently he perfected the one-handed stand, but really on so that he could munch on some pineapple at the same time... he waves bye-bye, and loves to take things out of boxes. most favorite box? our pots and pans cabinet. and he likes to bang on them.

this, of course, drives the nanny upstairs nuts - she doesn't like a mess and she hates noise - so when she comes downstairs with sara, i like there to be a huge mess in the apartment to see how much it takes to give her a heart attack.

samil also eats finger foods and all the other typical "baby" progress things. really, i'm not the mom who is like "wow, look at what my kid does" when really they are just on a normal development path.

i've come to hate the competitive moms. you know, the ones who tell me, "my kid says 17 words... and he's only 6 months old!" or "my baby was walking alone at 3 weeks!" or my favorite, "our baby already eats pizza and mcdonalds!!!" (this is significant because both pizza and mcdonalds are luxury foods here, things that normal joe schmoe would have to make some sort of sacrifice to purchase. giving it to a baby, besides being unhealthy, is just economically ridiculous). so, i think samil is on the right path. not slow. not super-fast.

the one thing i'm happy about though, is that he is becoming more vocal. happy because i think he's advanced? no. just because i think its really cute. i can't really wait til he starts talking because he's going to say some pretty hilarious things - baby english and baby spanish mixed to gether? i think it will be great. oh, and he's got 8 teeth (in case you weren't keeping count)

here are some pictures of samil with his favorite toys. yep, took right after mommy with the books.

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