Saturday, June 14, 2008


i mentioned before that it's mango season. and in case you were wondering what were some of the benefits of living here... i mean besides living thisclose to the beach, never dealing with snow, supereconomic rent, beautiful people...

besides all of that, we've got free, fresh, organic fruit. that's right, free.

and fresh. as in, just off the tree.

my favorite season is mango season, because even here in the city there is a surplus of deliciousness. the school i work in has about 10 mango trees that right now are f.u.l.l. of ripe fruit. and amalio's school also has a mango tree.

we always try to give samil fresh fruit when possible as opposed to babyfoodinajar. not because of preservatives or anything granolamommish like that, i just think fresh tastes better. and well, free is much less expensive than gerber.

that said. samil l.o.v.e.s. mango. almost as much as his dad does. but we've never been generous enough to give him his own mango. always just pieces of ours. until last night.

we received another gift of a sack of mangoes and decided we could give one to the baby. lets just say, i was still mopping this morning.


Anonymous said...

Is it a requirement in your country to eat mangoes naked??

melanie. said...

have you ever eaten a mango? or tried cleaning mango out of baby clothes?

yes, yes, much easier to do it naked. less clean up involved. besides when its 100 degrees outside, samil spends most of his time naked.

Melissa said...

AUGHHHH. So cute. I love it! And by the way..."Eating Mangoes Naked" sounds like a band. And a great idea. ;)

Buki Family said...

mangos are good, espically off the tree. i bought one in the store a few weeks ago for my hubby but it just looked so old, traveled, beat-up. yes, they are definatly better free and off the tree. juice dripping down your hands, take me back to congo!