Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day.

americans are recognizing dad's today.

not so here, father's day is done the last sunday of june... and its really no big deal. i hate that.

dad's get the shortend anyway. their kids are done school by now, so there's usually no little gifts, no handmade cards or craft from school. and... let me just say it, mom's sometimes drop the ball when it comes to dad's day.

not that the recognition isn't there. it's just not as huge as mother's day.

my dad is probably waiting for my call still. we haven't been home all day and now my brother-in-law is on the phone.

my dad is a good dad. when we were little he took us to the zoo and the franklin institute. he cultivated our love for exotic foods. he drove us to our grandmom's house - and even to the beach even when he couldn't share in the vacation. he took us camping and frankly - taught me a lot of the "backwards" skills i never knew i would need, like washing dishes in tupperware, handwashing clothes out and using a latrine.

we went sledding, skiing and iceskating. ate icecream and waterice. went hiking back the crick and swimming in the falls.

now my dad is a grandpop. and i hope that samil can do all these things with my dad, too.

happy day dad!

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