Thursday, June 12, 2008


so, the bishop from my home diocese is on trial. for what, you ask? stealing money? no no. beating children? nope.

he's on trial - with the possibility of being "defrocked" (ha, i love that word) - for something that his brother did.

35 years ago.

okay, there's more to it than that. bishop was the priest of a church where his brother worked -- and had a relationship with a teenage girl. (the brother, not the bishop). the brother was 24 and the girl was 15. she claims it ruined her life. it was abuse.

and now, they want to have bishop knocked down because he didn't respond correctly. in the 70s when there was no protocol for sexual "abuse" nor were there rules about that kind of mess.

seriously, if you really want him out - get him on something real... or fire him. let's be adults and stop beating around the bush about the fact that the diocese doesn't want the man - he's draining the bank accounts - and they couldn't figure out a better way to get rid of him.

disclaimer: this trial is WAY more complicated than this. i know. its unfair to post just part not knowing who reads this blog. frankly, i don't care. i think the whole thing is ridiculous. when you put a 75 year old mom on the stand to talk about something that was done (or not done) 35 years ago... and not even by the person who is on trial. if we're that mad, do something about the brother who actually "abused" the girl. thank you.

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samarahz said...

hmmm...While I agree in principle isn't this a lot how they bring down mobsters and gang leaders for tax evasion? I mean- sometimes the only way to deal with things is from the side. If we could try people for ethics the world would probably be a lot better place..