Saturday, December 13, 2008

almost ready.

so i leave in about 12 hours. and i'm almost done with the monstruous to-do list. but i'm not almost done with all the stupid, last minute visiting. stupid because i'm the one who leaves it for last minute. not because the people i need to visit are stupid, but rather the idea of running around like a chicken with my head cut off while i still have to finish cleaning the kitchen AND pack my bag is a little insane.

why all the cleaning? the house was A MESS. i've been feeling pretty lazy for the past, oh, month or so, and have done nothing. which means that amalio and my brother-in-law were left with the cleaning. and. let's just say that two men who grew up in a house with a latrine and a river for bathing are not really very efficient at cleaning the bathroom. and cooking with firewood in a cement stove doesn't really leave much room for cleaning a more modern kitchen. they've done a decent job considering the circumstances, but... it was pretty gross.

but now it's clean and sparkly and should be easily kept up while i'm gone and i won't return to a huge, nasty mess.

anyway. i leave at 6am on jetblue and should be in philly by lunchtime. i'm home til the 29th (for all intents and purposes) give me a call, because you all know how horrible i am at calling./

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Erin said...

Wish you were coming to Chicago!