Saturday, December 6, 2008

samil 15 month update.

samil is finally walking and much as we expected, once he started we can't slow him down. he loves to carry things, especially humongous things - like the empty 5 gallon water jugs, his oversized babybottle piggy-bank, cardboard boxes, couch cushions.

we've noticed a lot of linguistic understanding, but everything is still mommy. and by everything, i mean everything. sometimes, if amalio is lucky, he'll get a poppy. like when he (three months late) took him to get vaccinated and samil looked at him and yelled POPPY. and, if we leave him in someone else's house, when he gets tired of being there, he'll stand at the door and say "amos, amos" (vamos in spanish is 'let's go').

he is understanding both languages - as much as any 15 month old listens and follows directions. "give me that," "where is the...", "put that down," "come here."

nothing has changed in his appetite. he eats, and eats and then eats some more. his particular favorite foods are bread, oranges and bananas. and he likes to eat marshmallow cereal, but only picks out the marshmallows and leaves the the rest in the bowl. he is starting to eat more with a spoon and fork and is pretty adamant about us not feeding him.

he likes to read books and play with cars. he'll lookt at the tv but isn't real interested in watching tv. he is starting to develop preferences for clothes and often brings us clothes from his room and pulls at the clothes he has on until we change him. he loves to talk on the phone, even if no one is there. and he absolutely thrives on being around bigger kids. he's not so much into kids his age, but my students are always a hit.

our camera is still on the blink, so there are no really recent pictures. hopefully we'll be rectifying that situation when i get home to philadelphia and you can all see how much samil has grown!


Erin said...

You must be his favorite thing in the whole world - that explains why everything is "mommy"!

Any plans to come to Chicago soon? I'd LOVE to see my twinkie!

Buki Family said...

must be fun to watch him grow... fun to think of all those things that Liam will soon be doing himself... he is already getting into 'independant' moods where he will only feed himself... messy business! He only says dadadadada... but thanks to the influence of my corrupt brother who wants Liam's first word to be boobs... he has on two occasions said 'boo'.... scary. anyways... like Erin said.. when will you come to Chi-town so our boys can hang together? :) and what about fair trade??