Tuesday, December 2, 2008


we've had this little problem in our common bathroom for a little while now. it's a little problem because the people who live upstairs don't generally use that shower, so the leaking that their showering causes is minimal.

until last week when crazy nanny decided to leave the faucet open for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT. now, if i was her boss that would be reason number 1,345 to fire her sorry... but i digress. water isn't cheap. and in these apartments abusing the water can lead to no water at all. so when it rained buckets from our ceiling for what seemed like forever, i was pretty pissed. i mean, how hard is it to turn off the water?

but. this isn't a post about crazy nanny. it's about the plumbers. and our plumbing problem. much less entertaining for you all, but writing about crazy is just too frustrating for me.

anyway. the ceiling leaks any time they turn on the faucet. consequently, the master bathroom of the second floor apartment below us leaks when we fill up the tub to give samil his bath in there. so we called a plumber. and he's here now.

**okay** he's just informed me that the problem is apparently so simple and we're dumb. but that's nothing compared to the fact that it took him 20 minutes to take the paneling out of our plastic, drop ceiling.

he's gone now. cost $450 pesos. for a new little tube and to clean out my drains. i figure it's a fair price considering we were expecting damage in the thousands. and that not only did it take him 20 minutes to get the ceiling out, he had to call in reinforcement to get the ceiling back in. and even then, he spent a half hour in there.

at least it was good for a laugh.

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