Friday, December 19, 2008


i'm still feeling kind of gross. samil is feeling better. thankfully he's got two inexhaustable grandparents and an uncle in the house to play with while i lay around doing nothing.


well, i did mention a brief foray to the store the other night where i finished my christmas shopping and most of the "things i need to buy before i go back" list. i still need underwear (line drying underwear will wreak havoc... but that's another post for another day) and some little things for amalio and isaias (my BIL who lives with us). most everything else has been taken care of.

we also made it to the please touch museum. unfortunately we didn't take any pictures - my camera is dead and my mom's needed to be charged. but let me tell you, the new place... amazing. go. if you haven't been yet, go now.

tonight we're going to zern's - a huge fleamarket/market/i don't really know what it is - to look for a radio flyer tricycle. i saw them there this summer for 15 bucks. and i'm not crazy about buying brands, but the trikes i've found in santiago are super expensive and made of plastic. which means they'll last about a day. maybe two. so radio flyer it is. if i can find an affordable used one. tomorrow i'm headed out with my dad to finish mom's christmas shopping and to eat lunch and who knows what else.

i have not done one craft project. not even bought what i need to finish them.

so. there you are. the most boring update ever.
have a nice weekend.

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Buki Family said...

try craigslist too. we got Liam's radio flyer tricycle there for 3$... just a little rust on it, but nothing a little spraypaint coulnt cover.