Tuesday, December 2, 2008

confused much?

we don't really put samil in front of the tv to watch it by himself. i mean, i would, but samil doesn't really like it unless he's sitting with one of us and i'm not trying to turn him into a couch potato if he's not really interested.
however. i love clifford. mostly the books. but the tv show is nice too.
i mentioned to a casual acquaintance the other day who wants her kids to learn english that clifford has a fantastic ESL series that paired with some other methods could be successful for their situation.
know what she told me? she doesn't like clifford.
it's too much fantasy for her.
this from the woman whose daughter's favorite movie - played continuously - is cinderella and whose son's favorite is cars.
a big red dog who plays with his friends - too much fantasy. talking mice, abused housekeeper turned princess with the help of a fairy godmother. not so much. talking cars with lives like humans. neither.
maybe i'll just never understand.


Erin said...
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Erin said...

Sorry about that last comment... I'm a little slow! Dooley would say that Cinderella is much more dangerous than Clifford. And you know why!