Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Do List.

as you've been reading throughout 2008, i've become a master list-writer. and, while i hate be one of those bloggers, i'm going to have to post this to-do list on my blog as sort of an accountability with myself.

see, i get things done better and more efficiently if there is some sort of public shame that could come from things not being completed. it might explain why i worked so well under a deadline when i worked on a newspaper. if i didn't finish, everyone would know about it.

so. here it is. the housekeeping that needs to be done before i leave for philadelphia early, early sunday morning. (bold items are completed)

----- load 1 of laundry. washed, hung dry, put away (or packed)
----- load 2 of laundry. washed, hung dry, put away (or packed)
----- load 3 of laundry. washed, hung dry, put away (or packed)
of course it started to rain when i put samil down for his nap and completely missed it and have to wait for the clothes to dry - again.
----- load 4 of laundry. washed, hung dry, folded, put away (or packed)
----- load 5 of laundry. washed, hung dry, folded put away (or packed)
----- load 6 of laundry. washed, hung dry, put away (or packed)
**common bathroom (clean tub toys)
**principal bathroom (organize shelves)
**kitchen (defrost freezer)
**put away papers, books, etc... organize desk
**dust dining room and living room
**samils bedroom (put away sheets, towels: store toys: sweep and mop)
**our bedroom (change sheets: dust: dresser: diaper stand)
and mop house
**balcony (take care of plants: store samils toys)
**grade final exams & finish report cards
**pack samils clothes for trip: pack my clothes for trip
**supermarket trip (candy, coffee, rum, diapers)
**raymundo tutoring, yc tutoring(thurs. fri. sat.), max tutoring, claire&tiffany tutoring (thurs. fri. sat.), catalina evaluation (SCS)
**dinner at minerva's


Shannon ( said...

I should follow your lead and post my To Do List on my blog as well. Good luck getting it all done! We live about 45 minutes outside of Philly. If weather is nice there in the Dominican Republic feel free to bring it back with you!!

ノリ said...