Tuesday, December 9, 2008

undercover paparrazi?

fashion eludes me. i'm a jeans and tank-top kind of girl. flip-flops and a ponytail and i'm done.

but i try to look nice if we go out. i'll blow out my hair, maybe even put on a skirt and makeup. and maybe it's just because i'm so far out of the fashion world that i don't understand the clothes that some people wear. i posted about this before. the funny fishnet shirts and too-small pants and... well.

so, i've been pretty sad without the camera because even if i don't share my pictures on the blog, i've got some friends who get a kick out of what people wear out.in.public.

some are funny, some are sad. like the pink, lace camisole NIGHTGOWN that a woman in our group was wearing on saturday night. or the performer in a long, denim LAYERED skirt.

my favorite funny clothes this weekend though was the 10 year old boy in brown pants and white shirt. his tie was a little small, but it could just have been tied wronged. the funny part? his black suit jacket that was so small he couldn't raise his hands. or straighten his arms. or eat. or drink.

we had a blast imagining the conversation in the house before leaving.
- mom, my jacket doesn't fit.
- i told you to put on the jacket. it's not that small.
- but mom, really, i can't bend my arms.
- i told you PUT ON THE JACKET NOW!

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