Monday, December 15, 2008

we have arrived.

after a non-eventful, extra leg-room, entire row of seats to ourselves flight and a drive from new york, we have arrived in philly.

i've developed a nasty cough and runny nose but samil's everlasting cold seems to be doing a little better. other than that and the cold weather, we're doing good.

my blogging will most likely be sparse as i have tons of commercialism to catch up on and people to see. not to mention a few crafting projects and some baking to get done while i a) have a sewing machine at my disposal and a good friend to help with the sewing and b) well, i'm signed for a cookie swap so the baking, while it happens in santiago, is a little bit larger scale here. and thanks to a bigger over, hopefully will be a little faster than baking 12 cookies at a time. x20.

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