Sunday, March 7, 2010

brrr, it's cold out there

last week was a long one. little sleep, less naps. cold weather here means colds and basic discomfort.

i know, i know. it's not really cold here. but, consider this. wednesday's temperature reached 98 degrees fahrenheit. thursday it barely made it to 70.

today, well, today it barely made it to 60. and 60 is lovely when you're coming out of a long, nasty, snow-filled winter.

60 is not lovely when yesterday was 90 and manana? who knows?

add to that a cement house with tile floors and "venetian" windows. no heating, not even enough blankets for everyone. samil has every fleece baby blanket piled on him and amely is wearing like three pairs of pijamas.

this global warming sure is making us all cold, huh?

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Mandy and Rob said...

Greetings from Cyprus, enjoyed the blog, hope it warms up for you, Regards