Wednesday, March 17, 2010

taking it in...

we've been cooped up for a week. and yesterday i woke up with a nasty ear/sinus infection. i decided enough was enough, though, and took the kids out for a walk. mostly, i needed exercise and they needed fresh air. plus, i needed to get some antibiotics at the pharmacy.

i love law and order. i love criminal minds. i love all of those shows.

i hate that i'm so desensitized to what they show on those shows. you know, all those dead bodies, creepy pedophiles. things that should, maybe, make me throw up a little in my mouth are commonplace. they don't impact me anymore.

it's the same with living here.
things that impressed, awed, scared the hell out of me no longer impact me like they used to.

but when we left on our little walk after a week of not leaving the apartment, i noticed the little things that make this country so great.

the little old man brewing coffee through a sock in his little lean-to of crooked sticks holding up a tin roof. the man up in the coconut tree trimming the branches - no ladder in sight. the haitian workers with their levels and hammers singing as they walked to work. the women sweeping their backyards with twig-brooms - sweeping dirt off of dirt.

right now we're listening to lawn mowers and sprinklers. our neighbors are playing some merengue on blast. the laundry is on the line, drying. it's a beautiful day to re-discover this place.

as soon as the baby wakes up, we're outta here!

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