Friday, March 12, 2010

and all those plans...

i had some great plans for today.

we were going to head downtown to the post office, send some letters and then to the craft store to see if i could find pom poms and pipe cleaners for cheaper than 1 for a dollar. (no lie, these kiddy craft things were out-of-control expensive at the department-type-store we do most of our shopping at... and things that should be expensive were not. por supuesto).

it was a pretty bold plan - two kids into the city. especially since the stores we'd go to don't have shopping carts and it'd be a lot of walking for samil.

but we have been locked in this apartment with nasty colds for a week now. and i think the weather has finally changed for the better. bye bye frio hello calor!

we also had plans to meet a friend along the way. she cancelled.

so i rethought mis grandes ideas and realized i'm sick. and went to bed well past midnight helping amalio with his project and reading A Wrinkle in Time to help a student study for his test (can you believe i've never read it before?).

all those great plans down the tube.
maybe monday, right?

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