Monday, March 1, 2010

on losing weight.

it's time, people. it's been way too long, with all these extra pounds hanging around. i'm sick of it.

and in january i started eating right and exercising. i made a vow to be more active, to be more than a couch potato. and so far, so good.

it's not about being cute, or fitting into those jeans. it's about being healthy. about being around with my kids. it's about wanting to live a more fulfilling life.

not that i didn't have a good life, and that i don't have a good life. but. how many times did i turn down doing something because i was embarassed? because i didn't want to go out and be the only chunker? no more, people, no more.

it's only been two months - and to be honest, i don't even know how much, if anything, i've lost. no, that's a lie. in january i lost 7 pounds. tomorrow i'll get weighed when i take amely to get immunized. but i feel better. i feel more energetic, more likely to say, 'yes, let's go!'

and since this blog is about my life, you'll be hearing about it here. about the trials of jogging the streets of santiago with my two kids in tow... oh, believe me, are there stories! about my workout videos and improvised aerobic equipment because there is no gym to go to that doesn't cost less than what i make in a month. keep tuned in to find out how this goes for me. i guarantee it'll be worth your reading time !


Jennifer said...

I'm working on losing weight too, and it is harder when you you have to work on your own bcause the gyms are too expensive. But it's just about being creative and disciplined. Congrats on the weight you already lost! I've lost seven kilos so far, it's great seeing the result on the scale - but remember to take measurements on your waiszt - that's where you really see the change (muscles way more than fat, so it can be misleading just checking ones weight) Good lck anyway - and keep up the good work!!!

Joseph said...

should I send you the Rocky movies with your Mother. Remember today only comes once, and yesterday don't matter if it's gone. Yes I do love you! Just the way you are.