Wednesday, March 10, 2010

one of those days...

this morning was one of those mornings that the forces of the universe all combined and agreed to let me sleep in. the kids have been fighting a nasty cold since friday, and amely hasn't slept through the night since then.

the poor baby wakes up, nose full of snot, coughing her little lungs up. we suck the snot out, but despite what those other mommies say, i don't think any baby will ever appreciate having a tube of rubber stuck up their nose to suck away snot. ever. so, she screams because there is something stuck up her nose, because she can't breathe right and her little chest hurts from the coughing.

samil just hasn't slept well. tossing and turning all night. it's been cold here and samil doesn't like blankets. or socks. so we wake up and cover him up like ten times a night. but since he's not sleeping well, he wakes up cranky and grumpy.

tired mommy. grumpy baby. not a good combination.

but alas! last night, samil fell asleep at a normal hour with no fight. amely went to bed at a normal hour with no fight. we went to bed at a normal hour. and amely didn't wake up until 5am, to eat. a little stuffy but nothing like it's been for the past week. and after eating she went back to sleep!

samil's still asleep and there's a million things i should be doing, but instead i'm toolin' around on the internet. because it's one of those good days. where the universe let me sleep. and i'm takin' advantage.

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