Thursday, March 4, 2010

sunshine at last.

we don’t have a drier. there are a lot of factors in that: not enough space, too expensive, electric bill through the roof, our gas tube is clogged so a gas drier is out of the question… and really, it boils down to it not being necessary. we live on la isla bonita. it’s sunny here nine out of ten days.

it’s a benefit of living in the caribbean. it’s sunny and hot most of the time.

except when it’s not.

like the past three weeks that it’s been gloomy and drizzly. And because of that there are mountains of laundry in my bedroom. clean laundry at least, but laundry nonetheless. Ropa, and various other things that need to be put away.

except after two days of non-stop laundry that included (but was not limited to) fighting with that stupid junta de vecinos again to turn on the wáter pump, a 4 hour long brown out and not having nearly enough space or clothespins to hang everything up, i don’t want to put clothes away.
and who can blame me, really?

you know that nasty winter up there in the states? when it’s over and the sun is shining again you all will not be so keen on putting laundry away either.

call it my caribbean spring fever but, we’re going to the park!


Erin said...

What's a brown out?

melanie. said...

Oh Erin. Brownouts are the bane of my existence. It's like a blackout, but it's not caused by system failure, it's when they turn off the circuits to prevent overload. They used to be "rolling" here, meaning that each section of the city would have a certain amount of time each day with no electricity. Depending on WHERE you lived and WHO in that area paid their electricity (because that's a HUGE problem here) told how long the outs were. Now we're a 24-hour zone, but sometimes it's just inevitable.

Erin said...

Really? On purpose? Oi!