Tuesday, March 2, 2010

screaming babies.

when you live in an apartment complex, you should be considerate. it's one thing if you live in one of those fancy torres in the penthouse and nobody.can.hear.you, but let's face it. normal people don't live that way.

and here, in this residencial full of crazy condos, we can hear everything you say. yes, that's right. everything.

the acoustics are actually a little bizarre. what happens in the back of our apartment can be heard by the people who live in front of us. and while i can't hear the crazy vecina who lives directly behind us, one floor up, i can hear her neighbor next door.

when i was pregnant with samil the people upstairs had a colicky baby. but if you said the baby was colicky, they'd freak out. no es colica! of course not. she justs screams for hours on end. and the whole pregnancy i moaned and complained and in general, me queje because that baby would.not.shut.up.

and samil was born. a happy, quiet baby. he didn't even cry when he was teething. and he was so brave that his first MMR shot was hilarious. instead of crying he looked at the nurse and said, paaaaaaaaaapppppiiii. that's it.

good thing the universe didn't pay me back with a crybaby.

then, when i was pregnant with amely the people downstairs had a screamy baby. but it was worse. because instead of just comforting the baby, they would yell instead of talk to her. at three in the morning. there wasn't one madrugada that i didn't want to kill them and the gracia and baby talk the spewed from their mouths.

again, i've been blessed with a non-screamy baby. amely is just a calm as samil was. and sleeps through the night.

what's the point of all this? we have a new screamy baby. and now that my kids both sleep through the night, i'd like to sleep, too. but i can't. because the llorona out back won't stop screaming.

i don't have crying babies - but i can't imagine it's that hard to take your kids to the living room when they're crying all.night.long. is it?

because if i have another sleepless night, two things are going to happen: i'm going to be the personal tuition payer for the children of the dominican coffee plantations (all of them) and i'm going to kill someone.

and ps. i'm not pregnant. i think the universe is cursing me. you know, for all the complaining i did while i was pregannt about those stupid babies. just keep sending more and more!


Joseph said...

Does that mean you are pregnant again? You seem to forget that Samil and Amley are part of a special military program started thru my genes. Why would they cry?

Erin said...

What's your secret to the non-crying babies? When I have them... that's the kind I want!