Friday, March 26, 2010

queen of procrastination.

i've been in full moving gear for the past week.

we scrubbed the new place from top to toe. packed boxes.

oh, but the boxes.

we don't have enough boxes. not nearly enough boxes.

so, i packed and took a bunch of stuff yesterday. and some more today. emptied the boxes in a corner and brought the boxes back to our place to re-pack.

kind of a pain.

went to the cafeteria at the bus station to beg some boxes of pseudo-mother-in-law. she had none. went to the supermarket depot and it was closed. we were lucky enough to score some inside the store from the liquor-stocker which means we'll look like alcoholics on moving day.

and now, when i have the boxes, i'm on the internet instead.

maybe i should get back to work.

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