Sunday, May 11, 2008

american mother's day.

although i love comments on my myspace and facebook, i'm always a little disappointed when the page takes 87minutes to load because of silly, canned "happy... day" graphics. and usually from people i don't really talk to. look, i'm glad you remember ... day but i don't even remember you!! that said.

today is mother's day in the states. of course, my myspace took 87 minutes to open.

when you're far away from home, days like mother's day, father's day, 4thofjuly, easter... they're all kindof bittersweet.

i've got a great mom. a bit loony, but overall pretty great. she loves me, she loves my husband... and she's crazy about samil. and not in that "oh i love him" crazy - i mean like certifiable "i'll kick the doctor's ass if they don't give you any real answers in three seconds... and i'm wasting my life savings and risking panic attacks on the plane to come see him every weekend" crazy.

but, i guess that's the best kind of mom to have. one that listens when you're upset, or in my case, really pissed off (usually). who sends m&ms just to send them, who works extra hours and extra jobs to get money to come visit.

here's to you mama. happy mother's day. i hope that someone makes you a delicious meal, because even if i were there, that wouldn't be me. (meal, yes, delicious, no).


Daniel said...

we are taking her out for dinner. no one feels like cooking. happy first mother's day!!

Heather said...

Wow Mel! What a great tribute to ur mom. I know you are as wonderful a mom. Hope you had a happy first mother's day.

Lisa said...

I am finally home, and catching up on your blog....Happy First Mother's Day, may you have many more to Cherish and be blessed with more babies to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!