Saturday, May 17, 2008

blast from the past...

about three weeks before samil was born, jenny came to santiago to visit. we had a good time. but i never saw these pictures until she was here yesterday. i stole a bunch from her camera, but these were my favorites. i don't think i realized by belly was SO huge.

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Dr. j... said...

Just caught up on your posts for this week ... Loved May 12! Happy 26! You have become a wonderful woman and I have no doubt that the Lord will bring about new and unexpected adventures for the rest of your life.
Kevin (also 26 now) will be married in less than a month. I'm working on my list of mother-in-law skills that I've compiled. !. Listen most. 2. Talk only when I have something to say. 3. When I feel like I can solve a problem that is not mine .... SHUT UP. 4. Pray for my kidsl. 5. Pray for my kids. 6. Pray for my kids. 7. Tell Christina how much I adore her and respect her as a woman.
How's that?
Someday I'll see you, Melanie, and you'd better be ready for a big rib-cruncher of a hug!
Love you,