Wednesday, May 14, 2008

slumber, sleep, sueno... whatever you call it...

i need it.

samil has recently decided to be a fussy sleeper. a kid who from the day he was born slept through the night... occasionally he'd wake up to eat, but would go right back to sleep. not a big deal.

he's also sleep twice during the day - long, uninterrupted naps that he'd lay down for a go right to sleep. it was pure motherly bliss.

but for the past two or three weeks, samil does.not want to sleep. his 8o'clock bedtime, despite routine and habit, has made its way to sometimes 10:30. he wakes up at night to eat. and at 7:00 he's up and ready to go. the problem? at 8:30 he's ready to crash but doesn't want to sleep. so he screams. and cries. and it's not until 10:00 that he falls asleep.

but not after a fit in the crib of standing up and not being able to get down.

it's hot. and sticky. and it's hard to sleep anyway. so now. i haven't slept either.

i guess it's just one of these days.

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