Sunday, May 25, 2008

big foot.

i was just telling amalio two weeks ago that we need to pick up some shoes for samil. have you, we don't really put shoes on samil, but when we go out, i like for him to have something other than socks on. you never know how clean a floor is, a cleaning baby socks is not my favorite pastime.
the thing is, samil has shoes. lots of them. all either size 2 or size 4. just two and a half weeks ago he was still fitting in a size two. now, i hadn't put shoes on him until thursday. we went to the zoo with our friends, and i figured the 2s would still fit. fat chance.... more like fat feet.

i figured we were screwed. amalio suggested trying the 4s that my sister bought samil for christmas. i was pretty sure they wouldn't fit.

but they did. barely.
he's almost out of them, too. he's been wearing them and a pair of converse allstars jae bought for him every day because i don't know how long it'll last.

that's right, he's almost in a size 5.

samils been wearing a lot of cloth diapers. and cowboy boots? yah. our lovely friend put that diaper on him. haphazardly and crazy. but what more can you ask of a 21 year boy?
sara and samil had a good time at the zoo. sara's favorite were the monkeys. samil only liked the dogs. good thing the zoo was free, i would've felt jipped.
samil only sometimes likes to wear hats, but he left this one on for three hours at the zoo. i was both impressed and... confused. maybe he's ashamed of his baldness?

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Anonymous said...

Cute blog. Those diapers---cloth diapers are the same type that I used. Rubber pants over top.