Saturday, May 10, 2008

sweet reminiscing...

today is jenney's birthday. well, today is in fact quite a few people's birthdays. brian bickel. liz wendt. someone else and someone else. my birthday is monday. bobby's birthday is wednesday. so is tim szostek's.

see how all these may birthdays just creep up? i love that some of my favorite people from my childhood share this month. and so close together. but most of all, i love how jenney is only two days older than me.

and that we were due on the same day. and that when she was pregnant and i found out, i knew that ours was on the way soon, too. bastian's only 5 months older than samil. and even though they haven't met yet, i plan to make them friends. like us.

remember indiana beach? getting gum spit in my hair at the county fair? (i.miss.him) summer in the condo in oswego? being so close in chicago and never seeing each other? the family reunion trip to the shore when we were so little and wanted to make musicvideos to the oldies? swimming at aunt mares? going to the movies with dewey and her coupons? prickhead? (again.) enchanted castle? walking to enchanted castle? the moose with your parents?

i hope we get to see each other soon. damn gas prices are killing me.
happy birthday, jenney.


Daniel said...

me and her got along so well when we were kids...

sherri said...

Hey Mel,
I saw Liz W on her birthday. We were both at the Ultreya following her Cursillo weekend. We sang Happy Birthday and she blew out the candles. Sorry that I couldn't do the same with you. Maybe someday?
Your mom hooked me up to your blog. I'll explore more later. Right now i should be working.