Monday, May 5, 2008

"let there be light..."

we've spent the last three weeks with severe rolling "brown-outs" -- some days more than 8 hours at a time. apparently it's a problem right now in all of the carribean, but no one can say exactly why.

when i first moved here the light was an issue. and i lived in a pretty affluent neighborhood. by that i mean, it was a weird situation. the barrios rarely have light because most of the electricity is "borrowed" straight from the pole and not many people pay. the less the neighborhood pays, less light they have.

now we live in a comfortable neighborhood. and for the past two years we've never had serious black-outs. a few hours here and there. 15 minutes at the hottest hour of the day, but never, never the whole day. or night.

it's been three days now since the last hard-core black-out.
here's to hoping it lasts.

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