Monday, May 12, 2008

growing, growing...

this was me then.this is me now.
today i turn 26. i'm not the doctor i swore i'd become. not even a nurse or a cna. i've not finished a master's degree or kissed a boy from every country in the world. i'm not rich nor famous. i've not kept in touch with my bffs from high school - and am pretty bad at the contact i do have. (sorry). i don't vacation to exotic places or travel for business. i no longer protest, march or particpate in any kind of civil disobedience, and quite frankly politics disgust me. i am not leading the single, crazy life i thought i'd always have.
but today i turn 26.
i'm not a doctor, a nurse or even a cna. but i have a profession that i love. and that i'm good at.
there isn't a completed master's degree. but i speak three languages and have been offered jobs that most master's degrees would covet.
i haven't kissed a boy from every country in the world, but i kiss the same man every day. and i love it.
i'm not rich, but we live well. i'm not famous, but who wants to be nowadays?
although i'm shitty about communication - i have some of the best friends in the world - old and new, who i know i can count on when things get tough.
i don't vacation to exotic places, but after living in a tropical "paradise" i don't know if i could justify the luxury of that kind of travel.
i no longer march, but i stand true to my beliefs and have come to know, truly, that the pen is mightier than the sword. politics will be politics til the end of time. i don't like it, but instead of complaining, have learned to make change myself - one child at a time.
i never thought i'd get married. and here i am. married, happily. with our son.
life might now have gone how i planned, but this is so much better.

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