Monday, May 26, 2008


remember my cleaning spree a few days ago?

my boss came. we talked. and i am more decided than ever that my time is over at the EBG. have you ever had someone talk in circles to you about things that are important? or avoid questions altogether?

amazing. when i began teaching at EBG, i l.o.v.e.d. it. i had never met an owner so dedicated to an educational "business" in santiago. the ones i had worked with were way more concerned about the money than the lessons they were giving.

these owners were phenomenal. anything i needed, i could get. no questions asked. they realized that they weren't educators, not even teachers. and found people to direct their school and paid them well to do it well.

just recently the school hired a new "administrator" who is a complete penny-pincher. our copies are counted and if we go over the limit, forget about it. a problem for me since my students don't have text-books. and are 5. lots of coloring pages. lots of cutouts. we used to be paid holidays, eventhough we're paid by the hour. imagine the shock of missing 6 hours of work in march because of holy week and it not being in our checks.

so, we talked to the owner and she talked in circles. the institute isn't making money. it's disorganized. it's in evaluation. they're analyzing the situation. are you going to pay us for the two bs holidays we were forced to take this month?

the institute isn't making money. it's disorganized. it's in evaluation. bla bla bla.
and to top it off, i just found out it's against the law for them to not pay us holidays. even if we're paid by the hour.

so, i'm jumping in feet first and hoping that this little business endeavor of mine works out. and successfully. it'll be a hard summer of promoting and advertising -- and that's only if the school i'm talking to accepts my offer.

keeping my fingers crossed.


slayer7875 said...

Well you have to have vision. Everything takes time, good times,bad times. It's being able to endure the bad times. Our lives can change in a minute. Food still has to go on the Table. You can learn from the people on the mountian They may really seem to know what life is about. There is a reason you are there. Sometimes being able to listen is the best gift we can have.
I Love You

Abuela Marty said...

Hi, Melanie!
Apparently, you'll now have two blog readers from Reston! I don't know who the other one is, though. Maybe we'll figure it out one day.

Nice to meet you here in BlogLand!