Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sunday for Samil

grandpop came to visit this weekend. and by weekend i mean saturday.
my dad is planning a mission trip for our family church and needed to come check on some things before he makes a presentation to the church. it didn't work out for him to do it when he was here for holy week, so he had to come back.

yesterday we did some running around in the rent-a-car, went out to eat and hung out. today we drove to puerta plata and checked in on some of the available work projects for the trip, ate some fish in maimon and came back to santiago. we took a nap, checked out another church in the city, bought a fan and ate churros.

tomorrow morning he leaves at 9am.
samil loves granpop so he might be sad.
me too.

my mom says that she's coming at the end of may. but i think she's just mad she didn't come this time.

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samarahz said...

don't panic, but I think samil is getting eaten by a ghost in one of those photos. You might want to look into that.