Wednesday, May 28, 2008

bratz, part II.

amalio used to be part-owner of a school. it's a long story (that you'll get a hint of in this story), but eventhough he's no longer a partner, we support them by attending a lot of their events, back-to-school nights, that kind of stuff.

well, saturday night they had a celebration for mother's day. we went. we walked with samil from our house -- it's a long walk. it's hot. sweaty. there are no fans in the school. well, there's one, in the office. and the place is packed with moms and their kids.

the event was supposed to start at 6:30. a surprise for us, since the "other" owner told us 7:00, and didn't start until 7:45. needless to say, i was pissy.

a bunch of kids recited beautiful poems that nobody could hear, but the mom's loved it anyway. some of the really little kids presented their moms' with their artwork and cards. and then came the dance.

the girls were in first and second grade, and when i saw them earlier in the evening i was reminded of the bratz dolls i hate so much. short, little skirts - eye makeup. i didn't think anything of it, because the fashion here is a little different than i'm used to, and who am i to decide what moms' let their babies wear.

but then the music started. shakira's ojos asi, a fast tango-esque, belly dance song. what?

mother's day. right. then they started shaking. no, gyrating. and i'm sure my reaction is akin to that of elvis-bashers back in the day... but no lie, these little girls were humping the ground. moving their pelvises in ways that no little girl should ever even think about moving.

i think i could have handled it if the little, itty-bitty girls had come up with this dance all by themselves. afterall, who can blame them? it's what they see on tv. its the music they hear on the radio. it's in magazines and on the streets.

but no.
it was none other than ghetto-fabulous - my sister's nickname for amalio's old partner. she coached their dance. and suggested they wear the skirts. and the makeup.

how are we supposed to teach our girls to be good, upstanding, pure women - if even at their pseudo-evangelical private school the principal is teaching them to sell their sex at seven years old?

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samarahz said...

ummm. In case you think they could have started vamping it up a little earlier...