Monday, May 5, 2008


i just spent the last... oh, six hours planning for the month of may.

i'm teaching a pre-school age class and the program is completely up to me. we dawdled through april when i realized that they were pretty far behind in the basics - you know, colors, numbers, body parts.

so, we reviewed clothes, body parts, numbers, days, colors and shapes. oh, and school supplies. because i was sick of the kids saying, "teacher can i saca la punta of my pencil" or "teacher, do you have a saca". as far as i'm concerned if they can make complex sentences they should know the word for sharpener.

anyways. this month, we're doing seasons, months, weather (and clothes for the weather), plants and reading. they've never read before in english - with the exception of little words - so there's the trick.

it's a relief to have everything done. i just have to go to school tomorrow and print out the cutouts and make some flashcards. it was six hours today -- but no last minute planning for the month.

that's a first for me.

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